• Where is Gocoworker registered?

    The company is registered in Spain (EU). The annual accounts are certified.

  • Does Europe support DLT projects?

    Under Regulation 2017/2772/EU, policies to strengthen and finance DLTs have become a top priority. DLT stands for "Distributed Ledger Technology".

  • Are DLT and Blockchain the same thing?

    They are both digitalised and decentralised databases spread across several nodes. Blockchain is a type of DLT where data is organised in the form of a "chain of blocks".

  • What is Gocoworker?

    This is a distributed organisation for Talents, leader in communal work, for sustainable jobs.

  • What is Gocompany?

    These are communal companies that offer an empowerment path and first-class social protection.

  • What is Gocobooster?

    These are acceleration programs that provide communal learning and a cutting-edge methodology.

  • What is Gococampus?

    These are unique places that allow communal entrepreneurship and campus services at cost.

  • Is it a proven solution?

    Pioneering since 2013, a successful ecosystem delivers a proven value proposition for an Internet of Humans.

  • What is the token economy?

    A platform economy arises from an Internet of Value combined with the network effect as a business model.

  • Is it a vector of social progress?

    Communal work is the sustainable job source. Keynesian unemployment is resolved for sustainable growth.

  • Is it a utility token?

    It allows settlement for professional services and the daily life of the organisation. A proven community and the network effect are the foundations of success.

  • When will it be possible to use the token?

    It is currently possible to pay for professional services within the ecosystem.

  • Is there a "Total Supply"?

    The "Total Supply" is 21 000 000.

  • What is the network effect?

    In a decentralised Internet, an ecosystem takes on value as more and more people use it with a "winner-take-all" dynamic.

  • What is a liquid token?

    It is a type of cryptocurrency that can be converted without matching two parties, decoupling liquidity from trade volume.

  • How deep is the liquidity?

    1% of the "Total Supply" is allocated to the liquidity pools for token stability.

  • Is there a wide distribution?

    The Token Sale takes place over 219 days to give stakeholders time to familiarise themselves with the ecosystem.

  • Is there a distributed allocation?

    A qualified majority is allocated to the ecosystem with a simple majority distributed during the Token Sale.

  • Why the token has 18 decimals?

    This is the value that simplifies the user experience and transaction visualisation because an ETH includes 10e18 wei.

  • Can new tokens be created?

    All tokens are created on one occasion at inception.

  • Are stakeholders protected?

    The only currency is ETH to run a distributed solution where contributions are managed directly through smart contracts.

  • Is there a geographical restriction?

    Everyone can contribute except citizens, residents and entities of the United States and the People’s Republic of China.

  • Is there a "Know Your Customer" process?

    Under Regulation 2018/843/EU, AML/CTF legislation exclusively concerns "obliged entities" such as custodian wallet providers and virtual currency exchange platforms.
    Under Regulation 2016/679/EU, the processing of personal information of EU natural persons is prohibited for unregulated financial uses.

  • Is there a minimum contribution?

    The minimum contribution is 0.1 ETH to avoid any risk of infinite loops.

  • Is there a bonus policy?

    No bonus is available to avoid short-term behaviours that could harm stakeholders.

  • Is there a referral program?

    During the Presale, a distributed program is available with rewards automation, a world first. The listings are verifiable directly in the blockchain.

  • What about undistributed tokens from Presale?

    These tokens are automatically assigned to the Reserve.

  • What about undistributed tokens for a Period?

    These tokens are automatically assigned to the Reserve.

  • Why 42 000 tokens per Period?

    This represents 0.2% of the "Total Supply", the average daily volume of the financial markets.

  • Why 21 hours per Period?

    This allows everyone to easily join the ecosystem in any time zone.